Sour Watermelon Shampoo Bar


  • Scent: Sour Watermelon
  • Great for Medium oily hair to dry hair
  • Nourishing and moisturizing for your hair
  • Wash a Second time and your hair will be squeaky clean
  • Solid bar is great for traveling with
  • No fancy chemicals, detergents or additives
  • Keep out of pooled water, this is a very soft bar
  • Keep in a cool dry place

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This Sour Watermelon Shampoo Bar will smell deliciously sweet, juicy mouthwatering watermelon and will awaken the inner child in everyone. Bring back days of laughing children and summer picnics. It’s just not summer without watermelon! Bright and perky notes of sour patch candy will bring delight to everyone who loves fruity and citrus fragrances.

It’s the soap for your Beard and Hair! Full of cleaning power and moisturizing, we use coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, palm oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil. Shampoo bars will feel different than your commercial shampoo. We use them ourselves and have found that they help keep your hair balanced. 

Cut the bar in half to make it last even longer! To use, rub the Sour Watermelon Shampoo Bar against your scalp line and anywhere there is hair until you feel a good lather, just like shampoo! Then, let it sit for a bit before rinsing clean. Switch back to a liquid to test the difference because everyone had different skin and hair types.

Our tip for extreme cleaning: You can use a rinse of 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water to remove unwanted chemicals and hard water deposits left by commercial shampoos (only do this treatment monthly or bi-monthly).

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