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Looking for a fast acting anti-itch cream that won’t clog your pores? Look no further, Our cream is made with the best ingredients to promote healthy moisturized skin. We start with our Badger Creek Goat’s Milk Lotion, add Jewelweed, Vitamin E, Lavender EO, Calendula, hemp, Sweet Almond Oil, to help sooth itchiness.

  • Hemp oil doesn’t clog your pores and absorbs quickly
  • Sweet Almond oil helps retain moisture, for a youthful look
  • Helps balance the oil in your skin, keeping it from becoming too oily
  • Rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E
  • Helps moisturize your skin to smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Goat’s Milk has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties
  • Protects your skin against the sun
  • Powdered Oats for a light abrasiveness
  • Lavender EO, Jewelweed EO, and Calendula EO

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Best Anti-Itch Cream For Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Bug Bites, After Tattoo Care, Burns, dry skin...

99 reasons, but the Itch ain’t one! It’s time to put an end to itchy suffering! Badger Creek's Anti-Itch Cream is the best anti-itch cream for the job  - It will help stop the itch!

Do you work outside? Live near some woods?  Love to Garden? You might get poison ivy one of these days, so be prepared with Badger Creek's Anti-Itch Cream.  This fast-acting lotion will take the itch out of a lot of things. Our cream contains Jewelweed, which is a natural plant used by Native Americans (Indigenous people in the United States) to combat the itchy rash associated with poisonous irritating plants. Jewelweed is also an anti-inflammatory and is useful for eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin. We also add Calendula and lavender EO for their skin-soothing properties to help stop the itch. Hemp oil, sweet almond oil, and our Badger Creek Goat’s Milk lotion which we have had great success with a lot of skin products in several other recipes, so we wanted to merge these quality ingredients with our Goat’s Milk Lotion. Anti-Itch Cream can also be used to help against bug bites. After Tattoo Skin Care, Burn healing, surgery scars, dry skin.

Apply our anti-itch cream as needed. As with any herbal lotions and salves, always check with your physician for drug interactions or if you are nursing or pregnant. Do not ingest internally, avoid application in the eye area. Test a sample patch of skin for allergic reactions prior to use.

We also make an After Poison Ivy Soap that helps reduce itching from Poison Ivy. Give it a try!

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