Butt Naked Soap

Butt Naked Soap

Smells amazing, great quality! Smells amazing, great quality! Will definitely purchase again!

Ashley W.

Silk Road Soap

silk road soap

Marvelous nuanced scent; lasting. This scent has a rich layered feel and it doesn’t fade entirely with rinsing or lose its layers and come down to one unflattering smell the way some soaps do; though it’s not obnoxious, I can find it on myself later in the day. I like to use this scent even as a female. The rinse feel is clean but my skin isn’t left dry. I also like the faint abrasive quality of the particles in the soap.


Applejack N Peel Soap

apple jack N peel

My New Favorite. I am such a fan, this year for Christmas, everyone gets soap!


Dragon's Blood Soap

Dragon's Blood Handcrafted Soap

Awesome. The variety of soaps will have you anticipating the next bar that’s been eyeing you in the soap dish.

–Chisghogo S.

Sandalwood Soap

sandalwood soap

Love it! Sandlewood has been 1 of my absolute favorite scents that Badger Creek offers.

–Sharon B.

Highland Heather Soap

highland heather soap

Great. Great smell, really soft. Great for all day

–Wendy D. 

Wooden Soap Deck

Handy! Keeps the soap from sitting in water and it also keeps the soap from drying to the dish that sometimes happens with wire soap dishes.


Odin's Armpit Soap

Odin's Armpit Handcrafted Soap

Manly, yes – but I like it too! We bought several different scented soaps at the 2016 Potrero War and love them all – but Odin’s Armpit is far and away our favorite! Both my husband and I use it and we get more “Oooh, what is that wonderful smell?” compliments with this one than with any of the others. Highly recommended!


Black Forest Soap

Black Forest Handcrafted Soap

Like bathing in a pine forest! Bought this along with a Golden Amber bar at their MN Ren Fest booth. These bars are so strongly scented that the smell lasts for hours after use. This one in particular is like thick, heady pine trees on a warm summer day; very soothing! Everyone else in my family loved the ones they got, too!

Sarah S.

East Indian Spice Soap

East Indian Spice Handcrafted Soap

Amazing Soap. Bought this at the Carolina Renaissance Festival and the people were happy to help. I bought this one because of the spicy exotic scent. Produces a good lather and the fragrance is definitely there. Just leaving it in the shower makes the whole bathroom smell great!

Garrett Hankins

Werewolf Soap

Werewolf Handcrafted Soap

Great scent. My whole family loves the scent and it makes your skin feel clean and soft!

Amy B.

Razz-a-Lushious Soap

Razz-A-Lushious Handcrafted Soap

Great! Great smell. Spring time ribbons of aromatherapy!

Wendy D.

Shampoo Bar

shampoo bar

I am in love with this shampoo bar! It’s easy, convenient, and it doesn’t dry my hair out like every other shampoo bar I’ve ever tried. It’s perfect and I love it!

Elizabeth N.

Goat's Milk Soap

Goat's Milk Handcrafted Soap

Great soaps!!! I love Badger Creek Studio’s soaps! they are incredible and all natural. The shipping is fast, and the soaps come well packed and undamaged. I have bought soaps from them countless times, my only complaint is that on my last order I ordered 2 goats milk soaps and I only received one. I am certain this was an honest mistake. Besides that I keep falling in love with their different soaps.

Stephanie P.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint Soap

Eucalyptus & Spearmint Handcrafted Soap

My all-time bathroom favorite! This scent is refreshing and soothing at the same time. It leaves the whole bathroom smelling fresh even when the soap is dry. Lovely scent and true to its name.

Hannah W.

4 Pack of Soaps

Unique scents and awesome service! I feel in love with the soaps from Badger Creek after stumbling on a sample in a shower at a renaissance camping event… the scents are invigorating and the soap leaves you squeaky clean without an oily feeling… I have several favorites and the 4 pack lets you try a few or get all the same! they come packaged nicely to give as gifts as well! Great way to support a small business… thank you Badger Creek!

Roxann R.

Wonderful soaps. I could not ask for better soap. They have a great aroma and they arrived just a few days after I ordered them. I will order again.

Harlon F.

Luscious soap. My husband tried a sample of the French Lavender and had me order more.

–Deborah H.

Best soap around! Gentle yet gets you clean. feels great, smells great.

–Lisa W.

Amazing Soap. Love these soaps, I bought for my mother, who visits your booth at the Longspeak Scottish Festival in Colorado, fast shipping, amazing soap, thank you!!

–Candice T.

Love it! Always fast shipping. Their product is always great quality. My family uses this soap exclusively!

–Lisette B.

My husband smells like a GOD! But now, I look forward to the unique smell of Kegans soap in the morning, feeling clean and smelling beautiful!

Jennifer H.

Apple Jack n Peel/4pack. Bypass the factory soap at the grocery store and instead choose Kegans hand crafted soap. Am I a paid sponsor you ask? No! I Used to Constantly try different soaps at the grocery store and it was ok, nothing special, nothing to get excited about.

Robin T.


Bath Salts

bath salts

Amazing products. Thank you Kegan, for turning my morning into a happy place and of course…. for helping me smell……. godly!


Massage Oil

Smells heavenly. Absolutely wonderful massage oil!

Elizabeth N.

Unicorn Droppings

Love these! I got these as a gift for my boss and they are absolutely fabulous!

Michaelle F.

Chameleon Spray

chameleon room spray

Love it! SOOO much nicer than mass market stuff. Beautiful.

Kimberly M.

Chameleon Oder Eliminator Spray – awesome! Love this stuff. We picked it up for the first time at the Carolina Renaissance Festival 2016 and got the French Lavender. It really does do the trick in spaces that need a little extra. We use it around the diaper pail in the nursery and the recycling bin as well as a general room scent. I plan to buy some as stocking stuffers for Xmas!


Chameleon French Lavender Spray – so AWESOME ! ? My daughter likes to go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. She visits the many craft shops on the grounds and looks for unique/interesting items to give as gifts/presents. She bought a can of the Chameleon French Lavender Spray for me as a Christmas present. I was excited to try it out. I put it in my car and every so often I would spray it around on the cloth areas. The next time i got into my vehicle it gave me the feeling of that new car scent. I recently used it up and searched the bottle for a way to get more. NOW I know – I need to get another can/bottle; plus try other fragrances.


Itchy Badger Cream

anti-itch cream

Best lotion I’ve ever used! I have chronic itchy, dry skin. I’ve used every lotion under the sun. Whether it’s prescription or regular lotion you get at the store, I’ve tried it. Then I tried this lotion. You guys, I am in love! I’ve used this lotion for about a year now and in that time I haven’t used any other lotion because there’s nothing else that compares. Plus, it smells amazing!!!

Elizabeth N.


Shaving Soap

bay rum shaving soap

Good soap!! I tried the soap before shaving on Wednesday, the assembly is easy and foam very well, the perfume is excellent. It’s what I would like from a shaving soap …


Mustache Wax

Great product. This is the greatest product I have ever used for my mustache… I intend to continuing your product. Great prices!

Lanny W.

Shaving Soap

No more razor rash! I have thin, super sensitive skin and get some serious razor rash every time I shave. I tried this in the desperate hope that I could shave my legs comfortably- and holy cow does it deliver! It’s amazing how little irritation I have afterwards. I love all of the Badger Creek’s products that I’ve tried, but this one might just take the cake. Thanks yet again for another wonderful product, guys!!!

Elizabeth N.

Beard Oil

Odin’s armpit beard oil. Brought this as a gift for my son, He loves it!

Cathrine S.

Smells and Feels great. Very nice smell, not to strong

Audrey C.

I really enjoy the smell. I really enjoy the smell of cinnamon and the new dropper. The fact that it got to me quickly was also very very appreciated.

Jason L.

Absolutely awesome. Picked up a small bottle at the Renaissance Festival. Perfect for reducing dandruff and making your beard much softer. Already purchased a larger bottle bc I love this stuff so much. Really fast shipping and order processing had mine in a day and a half off of online order. Keep up the great work I will be a longtime customer

–Justin H.