As we bid farewell to the chilly days, warmer weather emerges: bees buzzing and flowers blooming. Let’s embrace the vibrant floral fragrances that lie ahead. Cool-weather is behind us, and brighter days await!

As we start to emerge from hibernation, let’s take in the fresh smells and vibes that we’ll get to bask in for the next few months. We have Mother Nature to thank for everything around us, but I have some newness I’m bringing also.

                   Read on to learn more about our newest products!

You can still find us one more weekend at the California Rennaissance Pleasure Faire on Saturday and Sunday til May 18 & 19. Find us at booth 132. You’ll spot us among a multitude of talented artisans at the Village Marketplace. Stop by and experience our magical scents!  We have good smells and better smells!

Bay Isles Shave Co. – Review

I recently received a video review for my Bay Rum Shaving soap, It’s a great review and was created by one of my customers to show you HOW to shave with a shaving soap and brush, and suggestions on how you apply it and shave, Enjoy a review from Cape Cod Wet Shaving!

Economics are Changing And Prices – Up, Up, and Away!

Lately, it seems like everyone’s catching on to how good olive oil is for you and how awesome it feels on your skin. But with all this hype comes some ups and downs in the price department. Climate change messing with olive groves doesn’t help either. And let’s not forget, growing olives is no walk in the park – they’re pretty finicky plants. However, olive oil isn’t the only thing impacting our prices.

External factors like inflation and changes in labor and supply chain costs continue to influence small business prices. For instance, rising inflation may push up the cost of goods and services, forcing businesses to adjust their prices to keep up with the times, especially after spending time in California, this has opened my eyes to a new level of the economy. Regardless of all of the external factors, I continue to do my best to provide a quality product at an affordable price!

New News

We’re happy to announce we will soon be able to offer our Chameleonizing room spray in smaller, 2oz travel sized bottle! No matter where you go, you can take it with you!

new travel size room sprays in varying sprays

We have an all-new scent! Just as the Vikings were nomads and traveled, I’ve also searched far and wide, avoiding all of the wangdoodles, hornswogglers, and snozzwangers, to finally come across the mythical Snozzberry! It smells like, well, a Snozzberry! This new soap is chock full of layered fruity flavors that will keep your senses guessing what this one does smell like, and each end sometimes has a different scent to it.. it turned out so well…

Be on the Lookout for this new fragrance to be showcased on my website!

Why Use Hand-Crafted Soap? – a recent blog post

handcrafted bar soaps in different scents

A quick Google search will show you there are thousands of soaps on the market. From cheap mass-produced soaps that will leave your skin dry and scaly, to soaps with a kid’s toy in the middle to make bath time a little more fun.

Whether it’s an affordable soap or a gimmick, there’s a soap for everyone. However, it’s the soap you can’t find on your grocery store shelves that might make the biggest difference – hand-crafted soap.

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