A quick Google search will show you there are thousands of soaps on the market. From cheap mass-produced soaps that will leave your skin dry and scaly, to soaps with a kid’s toy in the middle to make bath time a little more fun. Whether it’s an affordable soap or a gimmick, there’s a soap for everyone. However, it’s the soap you can’t find on your grocery store shelves that might make the biggest difference – hand-crafted soap.

Handmade, and carefully crafted with specific skin types in mind can make the difference between a short-lived sense of cleanliness and an entire day of feeling moisturized. Handcrafted soaps are designed with the customer in mind. Do you have sensitive skin? Do you have a sensitive sense of smell? Are you looking for that youthful glow? This isn’t something that your mass-produced soaps can provide. However, this is something that Badger Creek strives to provide its customers with.

Handmade vs. Mass Produced

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So why are handmade soaps different? It comes down to what goes into them. Although we put our time and unwavering passion into our handcrafted bars, that’s not what makes the biggest difference. The thing that stands out most is our ingredients. Badger Creek handcrafted soaps use all-natural ingredients that help us deliver a rich, soothing, lather with every use. From our shea butter to coconut oil to our lovely smelling essential oil, Badger Creek soaps satisfy the nose and the body. They’re visually appealing as well.

You won’t find a globally recognized name stamped into our soaps, but what you will find is uniqueness. Our handcrafted soap bars don’t just feel good, they also look good. From the deep, rich color of our French Lavender scent to the whimsical color combination of our Hippie Swirl scent, our handmade soaps are likely to become a conversation piece.

Treat Yourself

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When it comes to buying soap, it shouldn’t only be about finding something to get you clean. It should be about an experience. Badger Creek soaps help improve skin conditions and smooth and nourish your skin. Beyond the bath, our handcrafted soap will continue to keep you moisturized and smelling wonderful throughout the day without an overpowering scent.

The beauty of handcrafted soap is our ability to offer many types of soaps with different scents, different characteristics, and different applications. From anti-inflammatory to antifungal properties, Badger Creek’s line of handcrafted soaps can help satisfy whatever skin needs you might have.


Each bar of soap we make is unique. When you indulge yourself with our handcrafted soap, you’re using a bar made to specifically suit your needs. Whether it’s our Japanese Cherry Blossom or Sinfully Vanilla scent, you’ve made the decision to give your mind, body, and soul what they need.

Badger Creek’s product line extends far beyond bar soap. A lot of the scents, qualities, and ingredients can be found in our other products. Take a minute to explore our shampoo bar, Goat’s Milk lotion, and shaving and beard care products and how they can offer the same results. If you’re interested in our handcrafted soaps but can’t just pick one, check out our soap bundles and put together the one that’s perfect for you.

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