As August heats up and summer winds down, make time in your plans to visit the Bristol Renaissance Faire.  There are only a few weekends left to visit us at booth 418.  And if you have never been to a Renaissance faire before, there is truly something for everyone. 

Every visit to the Faire welcomes you into a time when knights were mounted warriors, maids were merry and meals were a celebration. From the moment you enter the Faire, you are immersed in the life and times of a typical village festival day in 1574. 

In the marketplace you will find potters, glass blowers, jewelers, and forgers busily go about their work, offering that vary from sterling silver jewelry, hand-thrown pottery, and hand-crafted leather works to hickory walking sticks, rich tapestries to hammered pewter and so much more!

So stop by and visit Badger Creek at our permanent booth 418,  Saturdays and Sundays, through September 6th in Kenosha, WI. For more information, directions, and ticket information click here. We look forward to seeing you. 

Take an adventure through the heart of Elizabethan England, complete with games, rides, arts, crafts, food, music, and one-of-a-kind meetings with a unique cast of characters. The Faire boasts a beautiful 30-acre site with open-air stages featuring swordfighters, minstrels, and jesters. Become a part of the times by coming in costume, or observe and enjoy the experience. 

Venice carnival 2007

From the Blog

Visit our blog, The Soap Box for informative articles about our products, a little bit of history,  as well as all of our past Newsletters in case you missed one.  Here is a preview of one of our posts. 

Vikings and the History of Soap

At Badger Creek we have two sides to what we sell. Products to keep you cleangroomed, and smelling fresh, and Viking drinking horns and mugs. In history, Vikings were portrayed as filthy wild heathens, so it seems that we have products on completely opposite sides of the spectrum. But archeological findings tell others wise, so here is a bit about Vikings and the role they play in the history of soap.

Some records say quite the opposite. There are writings by Anglo-Saxons that recorded the Vikings as what we would refer to today as clean freaks because they bathed weekly when it wasn’t uncommon for people to bathe only once or twice a year. In fact, the word Saturday which is accredited to Scandanavia (a country that was known for Vikings) literally means washing day.

While not clean by today’s standard, Vikings were leading the way for grooming and cleanliness in their time. After they came to new lands, the people often adopted their cleaning and grooming regimens.

Grab a drinking horn, some grooming products, and our Valhalla soap, and embrace your inner Viking.

Product Spotlight: Dusting Powders 

As the summer continues to heat up, check out our dusting powders to prevent unwanted chaffing and to keep you smelling fresh. 

Dusting powders have been in use as long as mankind could work up a sweat and there was someone else to point out the odor! We have created our own special blend of powder in our selected top-selling fragrances. Badger Creek dusting powder contains safe and earth-friendly ingredients. Smell fresh and amazing all day.

Many uses include, but are not limited to, under your arms, under your legs, between your clothes to keep them dry and up off your skin. Gives you an extra layer of protection.  You can also use this as a dry shampoo.

Up and Coming Shows!!

Check out these Open Shows we’ll be at this year

July 10 – Sept. 6  ~  Stop by our Badger Creek Soap booth in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the Bristol Renaissance Fair

August 21- October 3  ~  You can find our Horn Booth at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

October 2-  November 21  ~  Our last show of the season is the Carolina Renaissance Festival. The weather is perfect, trees are turning color and the fair is truly enchanting in the fall. You can find both of our booths strolling this magical village.