When you think of the perfect bath, what do you think of? It should be Badger Creek! Bath time isn’t just about bubbles. It’s about the experience. Our bath teas, salts, room sprays, and bath accessories will help you step up your bath experience. It’s the perfect addition to a great book, a glass of wine, and your favorite candle. But with all of our bath products, where should you start?

Bath Tea

bath teas for your perfect bath

Bath tea is exactly what it sounds like. We use the perfect combinations of herbs and salts to add elements of aromatherapy, detoxification, rejuvenation, and anti-aging, and create a calming experience. It’s easy to add to any bath and your body will thank you.

Simply take one of our 3 bath teas, add a couple of scoops to our tea bag, and place it in your warm bath water. This will transform your bath into a soothing, comforting experience. The hardest part will be finding which tea you’ll love the most!

Find our bath teas here.

Bath Salt

collection of perfect bath salts

If you’re no stranger to a nice bath, then you probably already know the difference that bath salts can make. Badger Creek bath salts create a soothing experience for tired and pained muscles. We use the perfect blend of Epsom salt and minerals to help elevate your bath. Our bath salts don’t contain any botanicals which means all ingredients are dissolved in warm water leaving nothing behind when you’re finished.

Epsom salt has a lot of benefits. Using this mineral during your baths can help relax and relieve stress, reduce muscle pain, and detoxify among many other benefits. It’s the perfect 2-in-1 solution to promote health and beauty. Badger Creek’s bath salts are offered in 5 different options:

Find our bath salts here.


What bath is complete without accessories? We aren’t talking about rubber duckies. We’re talking about accessories that add an entirely different element of relaxation. Our eye pillows, unicorn droppings bubble bath, and exfoliating soaps are the perfect addition to any bath. We also offer a couple of products that make the bath experience easier.

Our white cedar wooden soap deck can help you extend the life of your soap bar. We also have a boar bristle nail brush that can help you easily keep your nails soft and clean. The brush includes two rows of boar bristles. The one single row can take care of hard-to-reach dirt under your fingernails. The other side that has multiple rows is great for the dirtier jobs.

Hop on over to our accessories to find what else we have that can help keep you relaxed, beautiful, and healthy.

Your Perfect Bath

Everybody’s perfect bath looks different. Sometimes you might want a bright, welcoming bath or maybe you love a dimly lit bath surrounded by candles. The choice is yours. But whatever your dream bath is, Badger Creek’s bath products and accessories will help take your bath to the next level.

Along with our bath products be sure to check out our handcrafted soaps. If you’re looking to add another element of relaxation, skincare, and detoxification, each one of our soaps offers its own unique scent and blend of natural ingredients to leave your skin even healthier and refreshed.

Shop our other Badger Creek skincare products and keep your skin healthy and moisturized!

Image by Sascha Westendorp from Pixabay