Summer is here and the sun is out. However, the beautiful, warm summer sun can be as harmful as it is enjoyable. Whether you’re lying by the pool soaking up some rays or you’re enjoying the great outdoors, it’s important to take care of yourself and your skin. From preventative care to aftercare to soothe and hydrate your skin, there’s no reason we should suffer from a little fun in the sun. But if you have a little too much fun and the golden tan you wanted turns into a sunburn, Badger Creek has what you need to get you through those rough few days.

Why Does Sunburn Burn?

We all know what causes a sunburn – that big ball of fire in the sky. But what really is a sunburn? In short, a sunburn is inflamed skin. According to the Mayo Clinic, a sunburn is damaged skin from prolonged exposure to UV light. The damage to the skin can cause pain, tenderness, and blistering. This is enough to turn into a fun pool day into several days of ensuing agony. But if you forget to apply your favorite sunscreen, what can you do to avoid the pain? Here are a few products that can help alleviate the pain from a bad sunburn.

Goat’s Milk Lotion

goat's milk lotion for hydrating skin care with vitamins E and K

Badger Creek Goat Milk’s Lotion is one of the best ways to alleviate the inflammation and pain caused by the sun. Our line of lotions will help cool, moisturize, and minimize the itch from dry, red skin. Safe to use on your face, goat’s milk lotion is gentle enough to not further damage sensitive areas. Aside from reducing dryness and inflammation, we offer this rich lather in many scents that will help transport your mind from the discomfort of your sunburn to magical lands.

Lip Balm

moisturizing lip balms for skin care

One of the most overlooked body parts when taking preventative suncare measures is the lips. We usually take the time to carefully massage sunscreen behind our ears and other hard-to-find areas, but why do we overlook one of the most obvious places on our faces? The lips. Especially since a day doesn’t go by when we don’t use them. A bad sunburn on your lips can make even breathing painful.

Badger Creek lip balms are smooth balms that go on easily without leaving behind a waxy or oily feel. Out balms have long-lasting moisturizing properties that can help leave your lips hydrated, soft, and protected from other damage. The coconut oil and organic shea butter in our formula ensure a rich application with lasting effects. It’s the perfect way to keep your lips healthy after some sun damage.

Essential Badger Products

CBD salve for pain relief and moisturizing skin care

Our Essential Badger salves and oils contain CBD – which has been used as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory for years. Our oils and salves have additional ingredients that help with skin care and heal and soothe the skin. From pine oil – rich in vitamin E and vitamin K – to lavender and marjoram, the Essential Badger line of products can help promote skin health and provide relief for the dreaded sunburn.

Regardless of whether or not you lather up with sunscreen before enjoying the outdoors, nobody deserves the damage the sun can do to the body – both lasting and immediate. So this year when you come inside from the pool or a day on the beach and you find your skin red, use our moisturizing and hydrating products for a speedy recovery. That way, you can look back and remember a day of fun – not a day of regret.

Skincare extends far beyond those aggravating sunburns. We also have a Badger Creek After Poison Ivy Soap for any other skin issues you might have! This handcrafted soap is rich in shea butter and beneficial oils filled with antioxidizing and anti-inflammatory properties. This is great for relieving that itch you can’t seem to scratch!