Have you ever had questions about shampoo bars? What are shampoo bars? How do you use them? How do they compare to store-bought products? In this article, we answer all your top questions and more.

What are Shampoo Bars?

Hair washing has been around in cultures around the world for thousands of years, but what we call shampoo has only been a part of society for around a century. Early civilizations used oils and herbs to cleanse their hair and make it more fragrant. Or they used a variation of the same products used to cleanse their body. Comercial shampoo was first introduced in liquid form in the 1920s.

Quite simply, shampoo bars are solid versions of the classic hair cleanser. A Shampoo bar, however, leaves out many of the detergents typically found in liquid shampoos. These detergents strip your hair of their natural oils. Alternatively, shampoo bars are made up of all-natural ingredients. These ingredients include oils, butters, conditioners, and gentle cleansers all packed in one handy bar. Many shampoo bars still provide the rich lather you are used to from traditional products but don’t have the harsh chemicals and drying effects.

How do Shampoo Bars Work?

A shampoo bar can be used much the same as you would use a bar of soap. First, make sure your hair is completely wet. Take your shampoo bar and get it wet and begin to work it into a lather in your hands. Next, rub the shampoo bar in your hair starting at your roots. You can work your way down to your roots, or use the lather to complete the scrubbing. Last, rinse your hair and dry and style as normal.

How do they compare to Store-Bought Products?

There are many reasons to choose a shampoo bar over a store-bought product. The first is the impact on the environment. Store-bought products come in plastic containers. America alone throws away 14.5 million tons of plastic annually. If you are thinking, but what about recycling? In fact, only 9 percent of plastics actually get recycled each year. That means the remainder fills up landfills or even worse, ends up in our rivers and oceans. A shampoo bar, on the other hand, has little to no packaging at all. In addition, the packaging they do have is often made of biodegradable materials.

The impact on the environment is the greatest reason to make the switch, but shampoo bars are also great for your hair. When people make the switch they often notice increased volume, a reduction in dandruff, and shinier less frizzy hair. Additionally, they have even reported faster hair growth! And if you have curly hair, you may notice curls that are easier to control and that have more definition. Shampoo bars are a great choice for all hair lengths and types.

At Badger Creek we have two varieties of shampoo bars available; Odin’s Armpit and Rosemary Mint. Both products are made with coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, palm oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil. Give it a try, your hair and the environment will thank you!