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Bad Kitty Cat Crack


  • We grow our own Catnip
  • Fabric scraps are 100% cotton.
  • Enjoy a moment of peace while your cats play.
  • Grab the camera, you might get a great show from your cats!
  • We embroider cute random patterns onto them.
  • We use RANDOM fabric scraps for the bag.
  • Size: bags average 2 inch squares.
  • Tails will vary on size, cat’s will shred anything!

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Our cute Bad Kitty Cat Crack catnip toy are filled with fresh organic cat nip that we grow in our gardens. Our Neighbors have even offered to help grow catnip for us too! they have been a successful hit on the farm! We also stuff them with some fiber fluff.  We tested our catnip toys on the meanest cat we could find, Fiona the shredder! So we had to name it something vicious, we call it Bad Kitty Cat Crack. My hand can still feel the claw marks after trying to play with her.  She loved it and your cat will love this cat toy too.

Contains: Cotton Fiber fill, Organically grown Catnip, Fabric scraps that did not go into a landfill, because here at BCS we try to recycle and repurposed as many things as we can to help save the environment, Every bit is hand made by us at Badger Creek Studio!

Warning! If you play with your kitty.. you might want to wear a glove.  We are not responsible for the shredding of your hands.

Help keep our planet fit for  human and animal occupation.

Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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