As the Fall months approach, the weather begins to get colder, the leaves begin to change, and the natural smells around us begin to emerge. This means it’s time to explore our fall soaps and products and explore some Seasonal events!

This Fall you can find me each Saturday and Sunday at the Carolina Renaissance Festival now through November 19th! The Carolina Renaissance Festival brings together people from all around. It is a way to experience and express their take on this iconic period in history. Carriage over to the Artisan Marketplace to see me and find out how we pack the smells that are reminiscent of this magical period into our products.

Table of Contents

Fall Soaps

What better way to welcome the Fall months than by bringing the warm and wonderful smells of Badger Creek into your home? Our Apple Jack n Peel scent is not only offered as a Soap, it comes in our Chameleonizing Room Spray. This warming, yet easy pairing of apples and cinnamon will bring the joys of Fall to your skin and into your home.

Much like the Apple Jack n Peel scent, our Harvest Moon Soap and room spray is the epitome of Fall. After Seeing our most recent Red Harvest moon, the scent paints a scene of pumpkins, cloves, and changing leaves. Our Harvest Moon Room Spray amplifies the setting of Fall, it can also help you carry the scent of fall throughout the year.

Spooky Soaps

These classy scents will help you reminisce about the spooky nights of ghosts and ghouls. You’ll be reminded of the memories for weeks after the nights of tricks and treats. Our Bite Me is one of our favorite fruity scents that can be used year-round as Soap! The berries and cherries not only remind you of the season, but together with the carbonation, the name alone can put you in the mood to trick and treat!  We took the scent of a Cherry Soda and crossed it over to our Goat’s Milk Lotion. This is moisturizing for your skin, and the scent will stay with you so you can enjoy it for hours. 

Howling at the moon brings us to our other featured scent, Werewolf. Ah, but will it make you smell like the elusive creature that stalks the night? You don’t have to wait until a full moon to smell the powdery musk, rich woods, and soft earthy scents. Our soap can make you feel refreshed, and the inky patterns that swirl throughout the Soap are mystical.  This scent is also transformed into a Goat’s Milk Lotion. It will soften your skin and you can leave your trick-or-treaters wondering why their candy doesn’t smell as good as you do!

Coming Soon

I’m excited to announce that we will be holding my BLACK FRIDAY through CYBER MONDAY SALE again! This a great chance to get 30% off of your favorite Badger Creek products on November 25th, 26th, & 27th! Coupon code: BLACKCYBER2023 (won’t be turned on until Friday 12:01 am) Biggest sale of the year! share this out with your friends, so they know where to find some good soap!