Waxing is a popular method for removing facial hair. Both males and females use this method, as it provides longer-lasting hair removal since it removes the hair from the root. But if you want to groom your mustache without removing the hair, you should invest in a good mustache comb and holding/grooming product, such as one of our mustache waxes.  

On the note of grooming products, there is a common myth that Vaseline is good for beard growth. This is not true, as Vaseline is pure petroleum jelly, it has no effect on the growth rate of your facial hair. 

You are much better off using a mustache wax to groom your mustache, so let’s talk some more about that. 

How to Use a Mustache Wax

By using mustache wax, you can have your mustache hairs look thicker, slicker, and fuller. It does this because it adds more weight to the hair. It also helps to shape the hair, so you can keep it structured in the way you like. 

You may find mustache wax referred to as a “trainer” and there are quite a few to choose from on the market. It is easy to apply, you just need to rub the desired amount between your fingertips, then transfer it to your mustache. You can use a mustache comb to work the product through your hairs, before shaping them where you want them to be placed. This will help you to keep them out of your mouth or out of the way when you go in for a kiss. 

Which Wax to Use?

There are many varieties of wax for you to choose from. The Badger Creek Mustache Wax is a great all natural option to try. We leave out all the bad stuff and keep the all natural ingredients that will help your hair thrive.  

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Wax

1. The Quality of the Ingredients Used

Stay away from waxes that contain synthetic ingredients, such as petroleum jelly. Instead, choose organic and natural products like waxes available from us. 

2. Scents 

If you are sensitive to scents, you should stay away from those that are unfamiliar to you. Aim for waxes with little to no scent if you have any kind of sensitivity toward scented products. Remember, this will be right under your nose all day. 

3. Wax Color 

You will find colored or colorless waxes on the market. If you are choosing a colored option, be sure to keep it close to your hair color. 

Choosing Your Style of Wax

You can choose between a traditional wax and a modern wax, which you will also see referred to as a trainer. What’s the difference between the two? 

A traditional wax usually contains petrochemicals, these are ingredients such as mineral oil and petroleum jelly. There is usually a 1:1 ratio of beeswax and petrochemicals. This was a popular formulation back in the day when people were not looking at the long-term negative effects of these chemicals on the skin. We have since become more educated and are taking these things seriously, or at least we should be. We recommend staying away from traditional waxes that have petrochemicals in their ingredient list. 

A modern mustache or trainer is typically found in a tin. They are most often made with natural and organic ingredients, but you should always check the ingredients to be sure. If you find a product that has no label, there is a high possibility that the ingredients are questionable. 

Applying Your Wax

Wax in a tin will work best in warmer conditions – think above room temperature. Some people will run a hairdryer on low over their wax to soften it, making it easier to use. If you choose to do this, be careful and only run the dryer for a couple of seconds. Never heat your wax to a liquid state. 

Start off with a completely dry mustache. Use a finger to get a bit of wax from the tin. Work the wax into a ball between your thumb and forefinger. Flatten the ball and rub the wax back and forth until it is workable. Then you can start working the product into your mustache with your fingers, a mustache comb, or a small brush. Rake the wax through the hairs. With the product in the hairs, the next thing to do is mold and shape them. Add more wax as necessary to achieve your desired style. It may take a couple of tries before you know the exact amount of wax that will work for your needs. 

Now with your freshly waxed mustache, how do you feel? Does your hair look and feel greasy? Give it a while to dry and stiffen before you start wiping wax away. A good wax will not leave any flakes in your hair and should not be noticeable. If your new wax causes any problems, you should discontinue use.  

Consider an Organic Option 

Using an organic wax over a petrochemical-based product is much safer. Organic waxes also feature ingredients that will easier penetrate your hair shaft, giving your mustache a deep conditioning treatment over time. This will thereby strengthen the hair bristles.  A petroleum jelly product will create a barrier and will not penetrate the hair shaft. 

Removing Mustache Wax

Yes, you will need to remove your mustache wax. If you don’t remove it, you will end up with a buildup that can block your pores and weigh your hair down. To remove your mustache wax, cleanse with warm soapy water. This can be done easily in the shower or whenever you are cleansing your face. Use your mustache comb to work the product through the hairs to ensure you are getting rid of all of it, especially if you have visible buildup. 

Make sure you are using real soap and not a detergent. If you aren’t using natural soap, you could end up with split ends and overall dryness. Opt for an oil-based natural soap from our line of handcrafted soaps, which will work to remove any wax build-up while also conditioning your mustache.