From fabric sprays to odor eliminators, there’s a spray for every smell. The different types of sprays for different applications can quickly stock up. But do you need a spray for every smell – or type of smell? We don’t think so. Whether it’s smelly gym clothes, your body, or you just want to freshen your room, Badger Creek Chameleon Spray helps eliminate odors and lets you breathe easily.

Chameleonizing Room Sprays

Our expansive line of Badger Creek Chameleonizing Room Spray perfectly captures the smells of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter – and everything in between! With over 30 scents, our aerosol free odor eliminating sprays truly offer something for everyone. Read on to learn more about some of our favorites. You might even find your favorite soap scent in our fragrant sprays!

Bite Me

The Bite Me Chameleonizing Room Spray features a crisp scent that tingles the nose, with notes of juicy cherries and ripe berries. This lingering berry aroma evokes the warmth of a summer afternoon, keeping you feeling fresh all day long.

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Cleansing Mist

Our Cleansing Mist Chameleonizing Room Spray blends aromatic sacred sage with sea salt to create a beautiful, fragrant and cleansing spray. Capturing the essence of high desert sage blooming on a hot day, this mist clears the negativity and infuses your home with joy and brightness. Use it with positive thoughts and good intentions to create your sacred space.

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Honey Whiskey

Our Honey Whiskey Chameleonizing Room Spray offers a rich and delicious honey aroma, complemented by the warm undertones of Whiskey Bourbon. This sweet, memorable scent is perfect for fall but versatile enough to transition into summer. Enjoy the warm, inviting fragrance that lingers throughout the seasons.

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Lick Me All Over

Did you love Fruit Rings as a child? Our Lick Me All Over Chameleonizing Room Spray captures that delightful cereal aroma in a fruity spray. Juicy and packed with fruit scents, it will leave you wanting more!

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Midnight Woods

Midnight Woods Chameleonizing Room Spray transports you to a stunningly, beautiful clearing deep in the woods. This intriguing scent lingers, creating a space you won’t want to leave.

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Odin’t Armpit

With Odin’s Armpit Chameleonizing Room Spray, you’ll exude a divine scent rather than an ungodly one. The fresh crispness of pine and birch woods in enhanced by a hint of cinnamon and the invigorating breeze from Norway’s right in your home. This fragrance, with its added spices, will ignite your inner Viking and transport you to adventurous realms.

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Sweet Leaf

Indulge your senses with Badger Creek’s new Sweet Leaf Chameleonizing Room Spray. This delightful blend features creamy vanilla and dark brown sugar notes, accented by a light smoky tobacco and mahogany wood scent. Soft, warm, and reminiscent of old-fashioned pipe tobacco, it’s perfect for tobacco enthusiasts and non-smokers alike who appreciate nostalgic fragrances.

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Yennefer’s Letter

Yennefer’s Letter Chameleonizing Room Spray captures the essence of lilac and gooseberry. Ideal for any bathroom or bedroom seeking a fabulously lingering scent, immerse yourself in the intrigue of this popular story with every spritz.

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Sour Watermelon

sour watermelon room spray

The Sour Watermelon Chameleonizing Room Spray. A burst of sweet, juicy watermelon captures the memories of carefree summer days and laughter-filled picnics. Its aroma, reminiscent of ripe, mouthwatering fruit will remind you of the essence of summertime fun. Infused with bright, perky notes of sour patch candy, it’s a delightful treat for anyone who adores fruity and citrus fragrances.

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