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Pine needles have been used for many ailments in salves and teas, the pine pitch as a topical anti bacterial for wound care. The young or early new pin tips can be used in a tea for relief from colds and flu, an expectorant, helps with breathing difficulties and as a immune booster. We add Pine essential oil to our Essential Badger for its properties that help fight inflammation and ease pain. Pine is also a anti fungal, anti bacterial and can help with Gout.


Depression and anxiety can often accompany pain. Marjoram, a member of the mint family, can help alleviate stress and anxiety that can often compound the symptoms of pain. It also offers anti inflammation, decreases stress, fights head aches, aids in healing bruises, and helps with relaxation to promote sleep.


Lavender is one of the most commonly used herbs of all time! Along with its wonderful scent, this little herb has fought head aches, tension, itchy skin, perfumed our bodies and hair, helped us sleep, repelled bugs, and has been cooked and brewed into culinary delights. Lavender’s mission, in Essential Badger Products, is to relax and sooth tired muscles. Dab some Oil or salve on you temples and back of the neck to ease tension and promote sleep.


You can find Camphor in many over the counter pain relief creams and salves, but what is it in there for? Other then its strong menthol fragrance, Camphor helps relieve pain, open breathing passages, aids in healing bruising, and can treat fungal infections. The oil is derived for the Cinnamomum Camphor trees grown in Asia.


Peppermint, much like Lavender is a must have in any herbal arsenal. Mint not only is great for culinary uses and to repel insects, but it is also a good topical oil for pain and inflammation. Used since ancient Egypt, it helps with head aches, sore muscles and relief from itching.


While Not as potent as CBD oil, the beautiful flower of the Arnica plant runs a close second. A favorite of massage therapist for its fast relief of pain and bruising. Arnica improves circulation to speed up healing and reduce inflammation in muscles and joints . We add Arnica in our Essential Badger, for relief from the swelling and pain of arthritis, carpal tunnel, and fibermyalsia.


Hemp oil is not CBD or Marijuana. The Oil will not cause any “high” or unusual feeling. Hemp is a great moisturizer, and makes an excellent carrier oil for our Essential Badger Products. The fragrance is pleasing and blends well with other oils for fast absorption, and quick pain relief. Hemp oil will not clog your pours or leave a greasy feeling, and contain many essential fatty acids your skin needs. It can help with acne, psoriasis, rashes and eczema. We Love hemp oil for its soothing, nutrient rich benefits.


Shea Butter is often used in cosmetic, skin care, lotions and shampoo, but it also has anti inflammatory and anti toxin properties . Shea Butter also helps reduce keloid build up in the skin, preventing scarring and scar tissue build up that can cause pain.

Symptoms of eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis can also be soothed with Shea Butters nutrient rich oil.