If your idea of relaxation is a luxurious and long massage from your partner, then you may want to try out our edible massage oil. You may already have massage oil, but is it edible? Our Lick Me All Over Edible Massage oil can be applied all over the body, literally everywhere. It is so easy to use, there is no need for instructions. Its ingredients are all safe, so safe that it can even be used as a personal lubricant. 

Other Ways to Use an Edible Massage Oil

So yes, most definitely you should use these for massages. But you can also use them as a natural fragrance. Also, pour some into your bath water to add the aroma and have a more moisturizing bath. You can even use it when making your very own homemade lotion bar or body butter. You can literally use these in any body care recipe by replacing them with the carrier oil necessary. 

Edible Massage Oil and Better Health 

Massage feels good, we can all admit this. And it is known to have a ton of benefits as well. Here are a couple of benefits of massage in case you were wondering if you need to start getting massages more often:

  • Causes a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, which is known to cause the belly bulge. 
  • Increases the feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin to provide a mood boost. 
  • Affects delta brain waves positively, which promotes sleep and general relaxation. 
  • Boosts immunity by increasing white blood cell count. 
  • Improves mental accuracy and alertness. 
  • Helps to decrease feelings of pain and anxiety 

One study found that those
inhaling essential oils or who had them applied in massages saw better results than those who didn’t use essential oils. If you choose one of our edible massage oils, you will get all the above benefits, while also setting a romantic mood and establishing or strengthening a connection with your partner. Our oil is fun to use, sensual and romantic, without any icky feeling after the fact. 

Ingredients in our Edible Massage Oils

Collection of Lusty Badger Edible Massage Oil

Our edible oils include coconut oil, grape seed oil, stevia and flavoring. We offer lemon and orange flavors, and never use any sugar. With fractionated coconut oil, your skin gets hydration without the icky, sticky feeling you may get from other massage oils. Grapeseed oil is a byproduct of wine making and will provide your skin with an abundance of antioxidants. 

Because coconut oil doesn’t immediately sink into the skin, our edible massage oils will go a long way. You will find with other massage oils you have to use a lot, but with ours a little is plenty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you lick massage oil?

When you are using an edible massage oil from Badger Creek, you can definitely lick your massage oil. It is free of parabens and is safe to enter the body. 

2. Does the edible massage oil expire?

You can use our oils for a number of reasons. Oils do expire, but we think you will have so much fun using this in  different ways there is no way you will have it long enough for it to expire on you. Store in a dark, cool place to preserve the lifespan of your massage oil. 

3. How can I tell if my massage oil has gone bad?

Since our oils use coconut oil, you have to look out for that “off” aroma. I would describe it as a bit rancid. You may also experience a sour or bitter smell. The oil may also harden and have an inconsistent chunky texture. 

4. Can the lick me oil make me sick?

Our oils will not make you sick unless they become contaminated or you are allergic to coconut oil or any of the other ingredients. Always do a spot test before applying the edible massage oil over your body or your partner’s body.