As 2023 comes to an end and the holidays are upon us, we’re left with time to reflect. Maybe you’re getting ready to leave the stress behind, look back on the happy moments, or are planning to make 2024 your year. However, this time of year can sometimes leave us stressed from the pressures that come with the holidays. This is a time we should step back, take a moment, and focus on self-care. For a few moments, Badger Creek can take those stressors away and help you escape with the smells of winter and feelings of refresh and renewal.


lavender holiday soap

Whether you’re going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, or she’s going through the woods to get to yours, there’s room for things to go wrong. But did you know the healing power and scents of select botanicals can help keep you calm? There’s nothing better than our French Lavender scent to help you embrace the holidays.

Lavender has many potential health benefits. From anti-fungal to helping reduce stress and anxiety, to even being a delicate garnish to your favorite cocktail, lavender should be your go-to for all things calm. Badger Creek has several lavender products for your bath, skin, and room.

We offer our soothing French Lavender scent in our Goat’s Milk Lotion, Chameleon Room Spray, bath salt, and handmade soap. If you’re looking to elevate your bath, soothe your skin, or leave any room smelling like a haven for relaxation, hop over to our lavender products and find out more about how we can help you remain calm during the holiday season.


eucalyptus holiday soap

One of our other gentle yet powerful botanicals is eucalyptus. While lavender is often associated with cognitive relief, eucalyptus’s properties focus on physical stress. This natural plant has been used for hundreds of years, and there’s a reason why. There are studies that suggest eucalyptus helps with pain relief, joint pains, strengthening immune systems, raspatory problems, and even wound care.

Eucalyptus can be found as a main ingredient in a couple of our products. Our refreshing Eucalyptus & Spearmint Soaps, and Chameleon Room Spray can help you smell like relief. Also, explore our eucalyptus products to help keep your immune system strong so you can breathe easy this holiday season.

Holiday Soaps

Even though our scents are calming and soothing, they are so much more. They can transport you to treasured memories or make you feel like you’re walking through the woods at Christmas time. Here are just a few of our soaps and scents perfect for bringing you holiday cheer into your home:

  • Harvest Moon – warm fires crackling below the hearth, apple pies in the oven, and the sweet natural smells of the outdoors
  • Midnight Woods – a woodsy scent that can put you among the trees of a Christmas tree farm
  • Golden Amber – this light, gentle scent for the more sensitive boasts a sweet woodsy scent that can take you on a journey through magical forests
  • Black Forest – one of our most woodsy scents is reminiscent of finding the tallest, most perfect Christmas tree. Pine, spruce, and cedar notes can be found in the bold, yet refreshing soap.

Find Peace

We offer many holiday products that can help keep you calm and happy. Whichever product you choose (maybe all of them with our soap flight), the experience comes with joy and holiday cheer. So while you’re sitting around the hearth this winter and spending time with family, let us help you enjoy the holidays and relieve some of the stress so you can breathe easy.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Image by theresaharris10 from Pixabay