Autumn is the time of year when life winds down and settles into a routine for the colder seasons of the year. We can visibly see the days passing by.  Trees begin to change color and the leaves are falling. Weather is getting colder, crops are being harvested, and we start pulling out our warm weather clothing. With shorter days, it’s a great time to light candles, pour wine and create a comfortable space for yourself, family and friends.

Make your Fall season special every day.  Many families are at home more often now. Meal time can become a focal point by becoming a learning experience as well as an event. Use measuring cups and scales to weigh ingredients, and use them to learn about fractions. Read about a country, watch travel shows, listen to cultural music, dress up and make a special meal or a traditional dish. Put down those cell phones and enjoy some time together. Let Badger Creek help you set the mood for Autumn with great smelling products for your home.

We have great fragrances to fill your day with the scents of the season:

  • Harvest Moon is filled with the spice of cinnamon and mulled spices. Available in Soap and Chameleon Room Spray.
  • If you like spicy stuff, our East Indian Spice soap if packed with lots of spicy notes. Available in soap
  • Applejack and peel is filled with scents of cinnamon and crisp apples, perfect for setting an Autumn Theme for your home. Applejack and peel is available in room spray and soap.
  • Our top seller, Odin’s Armpit, is also on our ‘must have” list for the Autumn season. Everything for a crisp outdoor experience. Bring in the scent of leaves, birch, and pine to your home. Odin’s Armpit is available in soap, room spray, beard oil, shaving soap, and lotion.
We hope your Autumn is filled with Joy!