Welcome to August! It is usually one of the hottest months of Summer. Sun, swimming, and hot days can really dry your skin. Check out our Bath and Body products to soothe and moisturize! Badger Creek’s line of Beard Oil can help guys with facial hair cope with dry summer skin, that’s why we chosen Beard Oil as our first topic.

Table of Contents

Beard Oil

  • Badger Creek Beard Oil Collection
  • Honey Whiskey Beard Oil
  • A Badger Beard Oil Review - What Our Beard Oil Will Do

Why use Beard Oil?

When we were creating our beard oil recipe, we asked many men, why would they use a beard oil? We expected the answer to be, soften a beard. But, we were surprised at how many men have skin issues under all that hair.  Dry skin, breakouts, psoriasis and eczema are common complaints for guys with facial hair. At Badger Creek, one of our favorites ingredients to use is Hemp oil. Hemp oil absorbs into your hair and skin for good moisturizing, it helps with skin conditions, it has anti-inflammatory properties, and doesn’t leave an oily feel. Our product only requires a few drops massaged into your beard, for all day moisture.

Badger Creek offers Seven beard oils:

  • Black Forest
    • Black Forest is bursting with pine scents for the men who love the outdoors.
  • Lady Beard Oil
    • Lady Beard oil is scented with a soft scent of Ylang and Ginger for those delicate lady beard areas, under arms, and anywhere pesky hair shows up. *external use only
  • Midnight Woods
    • Midnight woods will take you to a winter solstice forest with tall pines and mistletoe.
  • Odin’s Armpit
    • Odin’s Armpit captures the scent of the fjords with the soft scent of leaves, birch and pine. A fragrance any Norseman will love.
  • Sinfully Vanilla
    • Sinfully Vanilla, well, it is just that. If you are a vanilla lover, it is just sinful bliss.
  • Three Heathens
    • Three Heathens is a blend of frankincense and myrrh, perfect for guys who like a musky earthy scent.
  • Unscented
    • Our Unscented is for men with sensitivity to fragrance. It is recommended for eczema and psoriasis prone skin as fragrance can irritate sensitive skin. Also, great for people who prefer no fragrance. (There will be a light scent of hemp oil) 

Badger Creek Beard oil is available in 1 oz or 2 oz dropper bottles.  Always test a small skin patch for allergic reaction, this product does contain almond oil.