What are dusting powders? Dusting powders have been used for thousands of years and for very good reason. In a time when deodorant as we know it was not available, dusting powders filled the void. The moisture-absorbent properties made it perfect for getting rid of fungal infections. The ability to alleviate skin irritation made it ideal for many topical treatments. And the ability to use it in sensitive areas opened its uses up to even more possibilities. If dusting powders have been effective enough to be relevant thousands of years later, why shouldn’t it be effective enough to find its own place in your medicine cabinet?

The Benefits and Uses of Dusting Powder

There’s a reason dusting powders have been used for so long. Dusting powder can treat a multitude of topical issues. Whether it is used as a preventative measure or a treat, there’s no doubt everyone should keep some on hand.

For people with sensitive skin or those easily susceptible to irritation, a little powder can help you avoid the aggravation caused by abrasion from clothing or other skin. Often used for anti-chafing, dusting powder is used between the thighs and underarms. The powder easily absorbs moisture and reduces the abrasiveness of excessive skin-to-skin contact.

Since dusting powders are such an effective moisture-absorbing product, removing moisture and keeping areas dry can also help treat and prevent fungal infections. The powder absorbs moisture and stifles new fungal growth and the spreading of fungi.

Dusting powder also acts as a deodorant. Although you more than likely have your trusted brand, dusting powders can help reduce odor in other places on your body. So, while you’re keeping areas dry and skin healthy, you’re also preventing any unpleasant odors you might produce.

Badger Creek Dusting Powders

Our Badger Creek dusting powders have all of the benefits and uses mentioned above… and then some! Our powders act as an amazing dry shampoo, keep your skin fresh and dry, and our favorite scents help you smell excellent with each use.

Badger Creek dusting powder uses all-natural ingredients including arrowroot powder, corn starch, baking soda, tapioca powder, and our perfectly blended fragrance oils. However, they don’t contain any lanolin or talc. For some, lanolin is an irritant and an allergen. Similarly, talc can be very harmful. Talc and asbestos for together. Although products are often considered asbestos-free, over the years asbestos has been found in products with talc. This can have detrimental health effects including lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Since we don’t use either of these potentially harmful ingredients in our dusting powder, you can trust that our all-natural formula keeps you dry, clean, and fresh without the worry of contamination.

Our Powders

Angel Kisses – our Angel Kisses Dusting Powder is made to immerse you in a divine experience. The aroma captures the essence of ripe strawberries with a delicate, creamy fragrance.

Butt Naked – this powder perfectly captures the scent of citrus, melons, apples, and berries. The blend of fruity scents is one you’ll be happy to carry around with you all day!

Burgundy Rose – the Burgundy Rose scent is the epitome of English rose gardens. Fresh flowers and sweet roses will make you feel like everywhere you walk will be through a rose garden.

Dragon’s Blood – this rich scent boasts earthy, spicy, and rich notes. Dragon’s Blood is sourced from the resin of tropical trees known as the Daemonorops draco, flourishing in the vicinity of Yemen along the shores of the Arabian Sea.

French Lavender – Imagine a captivating bouquet of French lavender, accented with soothing undertones of vanilla. Our version of this beloved classic has soared to the top of our bestseller list.

Huckleberry – this scent is in a class of its own. Huckleberries are renowned for their unmistakable aroma, boasting a robust sweetness that captivates the senses.

Orange Zest – this scent adds a vibrant burst of citrusy flavor and aroma, bringing a bright and refreshing essence to your daily routine.

Hippie Swirl – the long-lasting Scent of Nag Champa and Patchouli! One of our customers’ favorites!

Try these scents in our Goat’s Milk lotion, Chameleon Room Spray, and more!