Badger Creek makes real handmade all-natural soaps. All our handmade soaps are made with the highest quality raw ingredients. When you really look at a lot of the “soaps” on the market, you will find that many of them are not recognized as real soap by the Food and Drug Administration – FDA. Typically, store-bought soaps are filled with hardening agents and harsh detergents. If you look carefully you will see they don’t even use the word soap. Instead, you will find “cleansing bars” or “moisturizing bars.” 

Why is Handmade Soap the Better Choice?

Mass Produced Soap – Bad For Your Skin

Because the FDA does not require disclosure of ingredients in a trademarked fragrance, scented soap can have harmful chemicals that you won’t even know about. Large manufacturers can use parabens, synthetic preservatives and so much more that can be potentially harmful. 

One of the most widely used ingredients in mass-produced “soap” is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This is what gives a lot of soaps their foamy texture but it is known to be a hormone disruptor. Using this type of ingredient is good for a company’s bottom line but it is not good for your health. 

The Benefits of our All-Natural Soap

Here at Badger Creek, we only use plant-based and all-natural ingredients. We start with a natural oil base then add fragrance oils to add lovely scents and for their therapeutic effects. Our soaps will last longer if kept out of pooled water and they will provide a very clean wash because of the preciseness of our recipe. What you will be left with is silky, clean, and moisturized skin. 

When you use our soaps, you don’t have to worry about dangerous and harsh synthetic chemicals. There are a lot of benefits of using our all-natural soaps for both your health and your wellbeing. Let’s get into those benefits so you know why you should be using natural soaps. 

What Is Natural Soap?

Natural soaps are made using natural sources. A bar of natural soap is made by blending butter with plant oils that are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. These ingredients are good for your body, your skin, and your hair, and they are what your body needs because they all originate from Mother Earth. 

This is especially true for those who have sensitive skin. If you are one of those people who struggle with skin sensitivity, you will be happy to see the change once you switch to natural soap options. 

Benefits of Using All Natural Soap

All Natural Soap in the Hand Making Manufacture Process
  • Made with better ingredients
  • You know exactly what you are putting on your skin 
  • You can support small businesses
  • Cruelty-free 

With many of us now being more health-conscious, we want to know what we are putting onto our skin, as this gets absorbed into our bodies. Remember, your skin is in fact your largest organ and everything that it absorbs will get processed by your liver. When you choose to purchase handmade soap from Badger Creek you know what you are getting, you know how the product is sourced, and you know exactly what you are absorbing into your skin and body.

No Triclosan

Our soaps have no Triclosan. This chemical is banned from soaps by the FDA along with 18 other chemicals. 


All our ingredients are responsibly sourced, disposed of, and never tested on animals. Nothing beats the care put into an all-natural soap that is handcrafted in a small, clean, and sanitized setting. All our batches are cruelty-free, chemical-free, and you always know exactly what you are getting. 

The Process and Why It Matters

There are three ways for handmade soap to be made. These are Hot Process, Cold Process, and Melt and Pour.  

  1. Hot Process – Soaps made with this process are produced with the use of heat. Heat is applied after the saponification process. 
  2. Cold Process – This is the most time-consuming of the three but it is the best way to make an excellent bar of soap. This is how soap was traditionally made. 
  3. Melt and Pour – For this process, pre-packaged materials are purchased from bulk suppliers. Soaps made through this process are still better than store-bought soap but it is not the most ideal of all the options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is handmade soap effective?

A: Yes it is. Handmade soaps contain surfactants which lift dirt and germs away so they can be washed down the drain with the help of water. 

Q: Is natural soap a healthier alternative?

A: Natural soap is better for your skin because of its all-natural ingredients. These soaps use plant oils and essential oils and don’t contain harsh dyes, synthetic fragrances, or dangerous preservatives. 

Hopefully, we’ve made a good argument for the benefits of choosing an all-natural soap that is handmade over the store-bought alternatives. Try out the options available at Badger Creek. You are sure to find one that you will absolutely love.