As we move toward fall, it’s easy to think about the tall Paul Bunion lumberjack types with thick dark beards. While Mr. Bunyan’s beard might be synonymous with “tall tales”, beard care should be the farthest thing from a tall tale. Although facial hair is different from normal hair, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require the same level of care.

If you’re looking for beard products as a gift for a bearded family member or if you’re starting down the path of nurturing your facial hair, all of the products on the market can be intimidating. You might be wondering if there’s a difference between beard oils, beard balms, and mustache wax. The answer is yes, there is a difference. But this guide to beard care can help you find the Badger Creek product you need to grow and maintain the healthiest beard imaginable.

Why Beard Care is Important

While all hair might seem the same, the similarities truly stop at the surface. There are a few ways that a beard looks, grows, and feels different and it starts at the root. The hair follicle has a different size and shape than the follicles on the scalp. The bigger follicles produce thicker and hard-to-maintain hair. This is why facial hair can be difficult to work with and sometimes looks a little out of control. Understanding different products and when to use them will help that thick, unruly beard look smooth and silky.

Beard Oils

beard oil

Beard oils are a great place to start for any type of facial hair. Beards cover a portion of the face and if it’s impressive enough, it might cover the majority. Unfortunately, by covering up your skin you risk dry and itchy skin that can seem hard to get rid of. Using beard oil can help your skin stay nourished and moisturized. The skin is the base of the beard, and poor skin care can result in poor beard care.

The other benefit of beard oil is the effect they have on the hair itself. Much like the skin, facial hair can become dry and brittle. Without the natural oils produced by the skin, your beard needs a way to combat the dryness. The natural oils used in Badger Creek Beard Oil products are full of vitamins, and carrier oils that have a lasting effect. The natural fragrances in our oil will also leave your beard smelling fresh and clean.

Beard Balm

beard balm

Our Badger Creek Beard Balms are essential to overall beard care and health. Beard balm adds a whole other element of beard care compared to oils – styling. While you might not style your facial hair the same way you do your hair, you still want to style it nonetheless. Beard balm helps you tame your facial hair and makes the thick, wiry hair more visually appealing and more manageable.

Unlike our beard oils, our beard balm uses shea butter to create a more penetrating, heavier product that can help moisturize your beard throughout the day. The weight of the shea butter helps to relax the hair in order to create a mismanaged and unkempt look.

Mustache Wax

mustache wax

The Badger Creek line of mustache wax has a few unique applications. A mustache is in a sensitive area. Being close to the lip line and nose, a mustache might come in contact with sensitive skin. If you have thick and stiff facial hair, a mustache might cause discomfort that can make you wonder if having a mustache is even worth it.

Our mustache wax helps you avoid discomfort in these sensitive areas. The carrier oil in our mustache wax keeps your mustache nourished and moisturized while the beeswax helps you style it to maintain the look you want throughout the entire day.

Beard care products don’t have to be intimidating. Badger Creek has a product for each application. Whether you’re looking to maintain a style, create a soft and smooth look, or keep your beard and skin nourished throughout the day, our beard care products can help you achieve the beard you want.

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