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What’s lady beard oil? It’s a beard oil and a great post-shave oil for the ladies in all their shaving parts. This specific item in our shop comes in the scent of Ylang & Ginger that the ladies will love, but men can use this beard oil too. It really is our signature beard oil in a scent and packaging for the ladies.

  • Scent: Ylang & Ginger
  • Moisturizer for your skin, use after shaving
  • Hemp oil doesn’t clog your pores, absorbs quickly into your skin
  • Argon oil has Vitamin E, protects against the sun, and helps reduce aging
  • Sweet Almond oil helps retain moisture, for a youthful look

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Beard and Lady Beard Oil Description

Lady Beard oil is the same great formula we use in our men’s beard oil but with the soft scent of Ylang and Ginger. Our tester found it worked great on “her” shaving areas. Our beard and lady beard oil can help with razor burn in the bikini area, legs, and underarms. External use only. Use just after shaving for best results. Apply as needed. As always, check for allergies and test a small skin patch for reactions before use.


  • Sweet almond oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Argon oil
  • Vitamin-E oil
  • Fragrance

Here’s what we typically say to the guys… “Beard oil helps condition your beard, and to soften its appearance and feel.  It also moisturizes your skin underneath, as we sometimes get dry, itchy, and flaky. The oil also travels UP your beard hairs so that it gets drawn into your skin to keep your face moisturized, no more dry itchy beards! We have had some customers report it even helps with eczema and psoriasis.”

It’s not a big secret, but there are two things that beard oil does for you, 1) it moisturizes your skin so you don’t feel dry and 2) it conditions your hair so that it becomes softer. OK, so the 3rd thing is, it makes you smell great too.

If you have a sensitive nose, we also recommend trying out our Unscented Beard Oil.

Apply 3 to 5 drops of our Lady Beard Oil across your fingers or palm of the hand, then work it into the area recently shaved, or areas that are dry and need moisturizing.  Best when applied to warm calm skin.

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* LIFE HACK TIP for those that shave and get irritated skin, red bumps, pimples, and ingrown hairs, use a warm wet washcloth and massage the area AGAINST THE GRAIN of your hair so that it helps lift up those small baby hairs and prevent ingrown irritations.


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