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Odin’s Armpit Gift Box


7 Odin products in this basket of bountifulness!

Each one a top seller!

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Give your man the most popular items in our soap shop! Odin’s armpit is our top seller. We have packed all of these in a box with all of the favorites.

  1. Choose between Odin’s Armpit shaving soap (Jar or Puck) OR Odin’s Armpit Beard oil.

Whether you shave it all off, or just some of it.. We use quality ingredients in our Shaving Soap to give you a rich, creamy, bubbly lather, as well as moisturizing and conditioning of your skin, for a lifetime of great health.

Or if you want to keep that beard healthy, our Beard Oil helps condition your beard to soften it’s appearance and feel, and it also moisturizes your skin underneath, as we sometimes get dry, itchy and flaky.

2. We will pack the rest of the basket with tons of Odin stuff!

– 8 oz. Odin’s Armpit Goat’s Milk lotion
Our Goat’s milk lotion moisturizes your skin and gives you a soft and silky texture that is gentle on your face, cooling to apply on your skin, and smooth on your legs and arms.

– 1 bar of Odin’s Armpit Soap
Moisturizing soap with only three ingredients; Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter. Your skin will feel soft and fresh.

– 4 oz. Odin’s Armpit Chameleon Room Spray

For the toughest odors, our spray will eliminate odors where they are. freshen up a whole room, help bad odors from getting away!

– Odin’s Armpit sticker
Stick it somewhere to show that you liked it!

– Cedar soap deck

Keep your soap up out of water, so your soap will last you longer.

– AND for a limited time!!  we offer a Viking shot glass!
Coated on the inside with a food safe coating, this shot glass is made of real horn, it’s so beautiful, the colors are unique!

(*Badger not included)

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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