Our edible massage oils do not taste like plastic, they are safe for sex and you will love the experience. If you have never ventured into the world of edible massage oils, we are here to help you. We will share with you how these oils feel and ways you can use them to intensify your sex life and get more intimate with your partner. Forget the lube that’s only good for one thing and choose our lick me all over oil.  

What Makes Our Lick Me All Over Oil Different?

The Lick Me All Over Oil from Badger Creek is great for sex and sensual massages, whereas other oils may only be suitable for one type of use. For example, lubes are ideal for entering the body but they are not great for massages because they are too sticky. A regular oil may work for a massage but won’t be palatable for oral sex during or after the massage. Our oil, on the other hand, can be used for all of the above. 

How Does an Edible Massage Oil Feel?

Before we talk about how massage oil feels, let’s talk about the massage itself. Massage has many benefits and is known to be a great way to relax the body. When the body is relaxed, multiple benefits are experienced as a result of this relaxation. You become more aware, your circulation improves, and you can even get pain relief. So massage in itself is a solution for several problems. 

Massage is a great way to boost intimacy, which can, in turn, strengthen one’s relationship with their partner. Everyday stressors and anxiety can negatively affect your sex life so a massage is a great means of foreplay as it can help to relieve tension that may be blocking your libido or sexual desire. This massage can help you to start feeling more comfortable and provide feelings of arousal that you or your partner were not experiencing before. 

Our massage oil is made of carrier oil and flavoring oils. The carrier oil is unscented and it is what does the lubricating work. Our edible oil is made with fractionated coconut oil as the carrier oil, and we flavor ours with many delightful choices. 

It also contains grapeseed oil which is known for its antioxidant properties and contains stevia as well to add a hint of sweetness for palatability. 

Since this product has no sugar, you don’t have to worry about potential yeast infections. As our oils are completely edible, they are a lot more fun to use than non-edible oils, and with the ingredients used, they are safe, which is always a top priority of ours for all our products. 

4 Ways to Use Lick Me All Over Oil to Enhance Your Sex Life 

Let’s get down to the meat of the matter – the main reason you clicked to find out how to use our edible oil to spice up your sex life. Here are just 4 ways and maybe you can think up a couple more. 

1. Offer a Sexy Massage 

Start by warming the oil in the palm of your hands while your partner is getting undressed. Then begin to apply the oil to their body as needed. Rub the oil into your partner’s skin and watch them relax beneath your touch. This relaxation may just be what they need to loosen up so you can have a fun night together. 

Our oil will melt into your skin and because it is made with edible coconut oil, you can start adding your tongue and lips to the massage session. Our oil is never sticky and so your partner will be comfortable not just from the relaxing feeling of the massage, but also from the freeing feeling of the oil on their body. While your partner will be tantalized by the feeling of your tongue and lips you will be met with a pleasant scent and taste so you both enjoy the experience. 

2. Make Your Own Edible Body Paint

Make Your Own Body Paint with our Lick Me All Over Oil

Kick things up a notch if you are not afraid of the additional clean-up, by making your very own edible body paint. You of course will need to make this ahead of time, then paint on your partner’s body followed by a session of you licking it off. With a coconut oil base, this oil is great for combining with cocoa powder to make delectable edible body paint. 

Make your mixture in a bowl ahead of time and do a taste test to see if it is to your liking. The ingredients and amounts you use are entirely up to you and your preferences. With your paste in hand, let your imagination run wild as you tease your partner with your tongue for the best foreplay they have had in a while. 

3. Have an Oil Bath 

This doesn’t have to be a standalone process, it can be added to your night after either of the above. Add our oil to your bathwater and hop into the bath together. This will provide a warm and relaxing experience and if you continue to explore each other’s bodies, then it will be a sensual one as well. 

Be creative in the bath, you can add in some more massage especially as you wash away the paint residue that may be left behind after your lick me all over session. 

When you are finished with your oil bath, your night doesn’t have to stop there. Take turns drying each other off and make sure to make this a sensual experience as well. 

4. Take it to the Bedroom 

Now that bath time is over, it’s time to head to the bedroom, or whichever room your heart desires at this point. That is if you can even manage to make it out of the bathroom. Bring your oil with you wherever you take the party to next and use it as lube. There are no parabens in our product and no glycerin so it is safe to use. Our oils will never break down into irritants and that is a promise. 

Smear oil over your partner’s genitals ensuring they enjoy that process and the sky’s the limit with whatever is coming next. 

And that is how to use edible massage oil. We promise you that once you start, you won’t want to stop. Change your sex life today in all the right ways by purchasing our Lick Me All Over Oil. It’s better than the rest and you will have many days and nights of enjoyment from it.