It is a hard, but rewarding job. Spend some time with your mom this month and let her know she’s appreciated.

Now that we have the Goblin situation under control, its time to get back to work!

This month was our first live show, and it’s at a new faire for us. We are showcasing our drinking and hand painted horns. It is very exciting to be part of Scarborough Renaissance Fair in Waxahachie Texas. 

Love Odin’s Armpit? You’re going to love our new Odin’s Armpit Hair and Beard Shampoo Bar.

Shampoo bars help save the environment one plastic bottle at a time, and are healthier for your hair and skin.  Soften your beard and hair with our all-in-one shampoo bar that will leave you scented with the earthy fragrance of Birch and Cedar. 

Flowers are blooming and we can finally open the windows after the winter weather. Freshen up your house with our spring fragrances! Try our nostalgic Lilac or Petals of Spring soap in your bathroom. Spruce up your sheets and linens with our French Lavender room spray. Try adding an old time favorite to your bath routine.

The Goblins have been a bit pushy even though we have come to a few concessions since last month. It’s a tricky thing, learning to live with Goblins. Our cat is still very confused, and the dog is in therapy. But we are sorting things out. They did nudge me to remind everyone to check out the swanky raven skull charm that “they” crafted. We are finding Goblins are a prideful bunch. Available with Goblins Revenge Soap pack.

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