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Earthy Soaps

Hello! We have good smells and better smells! Our handcrafted soaps are cold processed, and we create them using three simple ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. Then, we add a little bit of color and a few fragrances, so they look and smell pretty.

Our Earthy Soaps offer great smells, including woodsy, piney, minty, lots of spices, and some cinnamon. But our best-selling soap is “Odin’s Armpit.” With the scent of birch, pine, and a hint of cinnamon, you might be wondering, “Odin’s what?” But until you’ve smelled Odin’s Armpit, you’ll never know what you are missing. He’s a god; he MUST smell good! 

Buy multiple bars and save big! You can mix and match any of our hand-crafted soaps to qualify for our bundle discounts. Click HERE to view our price break down.